Gatliff Marathon

Gatliff Marathon Logo

The Gatliff Marathon is an annual challenge walk, jog or run of 20, 35 or 50km mostly on footpaths and tracks in the Kent and Surrey countryside. The challenge is to complete the event in under 10 hours, following the route directions and checking in at each of the checkpoints. The Start Edenbridge Rugby Club… Read More

Weald Walkers Wander

Weald Walkers Wander

A Walking Rally with a Difference A 10 mile Treasure Hunt Solve the Clues Find the Checkpoints Test your Map Reading Skills Challenges at Checkpoints The Date and Time: Sunday 28th April 2019 THE EVENT: The walk is usually about 10 miles. You will need to solve clues to find each checkpoint and your map… Read More

Southern Cycle Saunter

Sunday, 16 September 2018 Enjoy a leisurely cycle ride of approximately 30 miles. Each year the route varies around the lanes of Surrey, Kent or Sussex. Teams of up to four people cycle the route, solving puzzles and quizzes on the way round. This event is not about finishing the route in the fastest time.… Read More