The Club does not charge a booking fee and all events, in general, are budgeted to break even. Therefore, any person who cancels a reservation be it for accommodation, travel, food or a social activity, is responsible for total payment.
    If an event is booked at YHA accommodation, the Club shall apply YHA’s cancellation policy as follows:
    The initial deposit is non-refundable irrespective of the circumstances leading up to the cancellation. Further cancellation charges are on the following scale:

    • Less than 4 weeks prior to the event – 100% of the value of the booking
    • Between 4 and 12 weeks prior to the event – 75% of the value of the booking
    • Between 12 and 26 weeks prior to the event – 50% of the value of the booking

    If the hostel has been booked for sole usage you are liable for the full charge. However, if your place can be filled by someone on a waiting list a refund may be made.

    If other accommodation is used the above cancellation charges will apply unless you are informed otherwise.
  4. FOOD
    A person who cancels a reservation before steps have been taken to purchase any food should expect a refund if the cost of food was included in the trip price.

    However, the main consideration will be given to the difficulty in adjusting a shopping list at short notice etc.

    If food has been pre-ordered you are liable to pay.

    A person who cancels a booking after transport arrangements have been confirmed may be liable for the amount that they would have contributed had they not have cancelled. It is not envisaged to extend this to the person(s) who shares their car.

    In the event that there is an understanding to hire a minibus then a cancellation of that seat will be treated in a similar way to the cancellation of a sole use hostel booking.

    Car travel is arranged about 2 weeks before the trip at which point you will be asked to give a non-refundable deposit to the organiser to cover the potential costs of you dropping out.

    From time to time the Club will make a reservation on behalf of a member, in good faith, without the payment of money. An example is Safari Supper, theatre visit, meal. A person who cancels or who does not show at all, can expect to contribute as though they had attended.