The group leader should be familiar with the area to be used and fully aware of the length of walk, type of terrain and any hazards that exist e.g. weather conditions, sufficient daylight available to complete the walk, transport available at the end of the walk.

The group leader should ensure the planned walk is within the capabilities of everyone in the party. If a walker feels they are not able to complete the walk, they should let the leader know. No walker should stray away from the group. If they need to go ahead or leave, they should give the group leader their exact route and should be able to maintain contact with the group leader via mobile phone.

First Aid – the group leader should take a basic first aid kit. COPSE should hold an up to date First Aid kit including antiseptic wipes, washproof plasters, plastic gloves, eye pads, tape, bandages/dressing, safety pins, first aid leaflet. Leaders are not responsible for administering first aid unless they are trained in first aid.

What to wear - walkers should be appropriately dressed for the environmental conditions and should always be prepared for rain. Bring a waterproof jacket and several thin layers rather than one thick layer. Unless it is an urban walk, we don't recommend wearing jeans as these get very cold and heavy when wet. If it is cold, bring a hat, gloves, and a scarf. Wear suitable shoes or boots.

What to bring - water, packed lunch (recommended), sunscreen protection, rucksack, torch and sunglasses if it is sunny.