The Gatliff Marathon is a walk (or run) mostly on public foot paths and you may have to climb over stiles, cross fields with livestock, and encounter muddy, slippery conditions underfoot. The event takes place in late November, so you must be prepared for cold and wet weather. The event is not led and the route will not be marked. Written route instructions, with grid references, will be provided on the day of the event.

Every effort has been made to avoid unsafe situations, to monitor whereabouts of entrants, to transport those retiring, and to generally assist where necessary. However, it must be emphasised that all competitors are ultimately responsible for themselves.

A torch is essential for all participants doing the 50 km, as it will be dark until after 7:00am and maybe from 16:00 onwards.

Maps are also advisable. OS 187 and 188 cover the area. Grid references are quoted at each paragraph of the route instructions, so a map could help you to get back onto the route, if lost.

A compass, mapcase, warm clothing, sensible footwear, waterproofs and some high energy food are also recommended.

If you decide to retire, please do so at a checkpoint else you must contact the organisers to let them that you have retired. The emergency number will be printed on each sheet of the route instructions.

By ticking the ‘I accept’ box below, I acknowledge and agree to the following:

  1. I have read the above, and agree to abide by the rules of the event and to observe the Country Code at all times.
  2. I confirm that I am sufficiently fit to take part in this event and if I am in any doubt about this, I will seek medical advice before taking part in the event.
  3. I understand that I participate at my own risk and that the organisers cannot be held responsible for any injury or loss of property during the event