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The Copsers had a fun weekend at this lovely rural retreat campsite, set in a farm with fishing lake and loads of flocking sheep (careful how you say that). The Warwickshire countryside bring a joy to behold and some of us arrived by early afternoon to pitch up our tents.

Along a short canal walk, we met the others, including Buster the dog who had arrived the day before. We really enjoyed a hearty dinner at the local village Inn (a good 50 minutes walk along the canal) with Prosecco.

Saturday was spent at the beer brewery, with an informative tour of the complicated processes involved in making a good pint; the aromas quite intoxicating. Afterwards, we had the beer tastings; about 7 craft beers to sample in one third pint glasses, so a piss up in a brewery successfully achieved. It was a hot and sunny day, so the intention was to enjoy the sunshine at some point outside but for some of us the beer got the upper hand and so we felt compelled to stay inside.

In the evening enjoyed a BBQ of good quality sausages and burgers from the farm/brewery shop. The BBQ cart on wheels looked like a rusty relic from the farm barn but did the job and was still smoldering into the night and morning.

On Sunday morning most of us had a canal walk, this time going the other way, across splendid countryside for several hours before packing up and journeying home. Altogether a very enjoyable weekend away and a big thanks to all those involved and especially Tim and Linda for organising it.