The Gatliff started from a new venue this year; Edenbridge Cricket Ground. The 50km route did two loops; one to the North going as far as Westerham and one to the South taking in Dry Hill and Cowden. The 25km route just covered the southern loop. The weather was good with a fair amount of sun and not too much mud.

A novelty for this year with a figure of 8 course taking in the scenic countryside to the north with Crockham Hill and Limpsfield Chart and slightly less hilly southern route. Still nursing a knee injury picked up playing badminton in the Spring, so took it easier than usual with a jog rather than a run. Weather was perfect mostly sunny and cool. Great checkpoints and welcoming from COPSE members - thanks for making it a memorable day.

The number of entries was similar to the last 2 years with 79 starting and finishing the 25km route and 67 starting the 50km route with 63 finishing and 52 finishing in 10 hours or less. The number of Entries has not recovered to the pre-covid totals so please spread the word for next year!

There were two milestone completions this year. Firstly, Robert Cameron-Wood completed his 20th 50km event in 10 hours or less. His cumulative time for 1000km was 142 hrs and 15 minutes with a impressive average time of 7:06 and a best time of 5:38. Secondly, Malcom Dyke completed his 10th 50km Gatliff in 10 hours or less. His cumulative time for 500kms was 81 hours and 36 minutes; averaging 8:09 and a best time of 7:17. Congratualtions to both. They should be recieving special Certificates to commenerate their achievements listing their times for each completion.

David Wakeling clocked up another completion to remain at the top of the number of completions table. He has completed 38 out of the 39 events held. Jeff Cambell is only one completion behind on 37.

This year's fastest times were;
25km: Hannah Green 2:41 Ashley Norie 2:41
50km: Luke Green 5:05 Carrie Gaston 6:35

There were 10 Personal Bests on the 50km route.

John Munday Memorial Cup - Confirmed: a further win by Dave Wakeling (for being the COPSE competitor who completed the greater Gatliff Marathon distance in the fastest time).

Hope to see you all next year!

Dave Wakeling and Tim Styles