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Game Night: Reminiscing

Tuesday 16th August 2022 @ 8:30 pm to 10:00 pm

Look, I know it’s the absolutely last, final and climactic episode of a certain tv show, in which all will be finally revealed about Walter, Jimmy, Jesse, Gus, Kim (oh Kim!) and everyone else. But seriously, you already know that everyone meets a horrible messy end, it will still be there on Wednesday, and you can catch it on Netflix for the next 30 years, along with all that other stuff you were always going to watch one day*.

No, what you need to do is turn up on Tuesday evening on our return to the Hall for a fascinating evening of Linda’s devising. It’s a Games evening focused on the only thing some of us are still capable of doing . . .


Bring along nothing but your memories of jumpers for goalposts, rationing, manning the trenches, sharing chewing gum, bathing once a week in coal dust and – the ultimate deprivation – only one TV channel. Check here for inspiration.

I’ll see you there!



*Memo to self, Wednesday: cancel Netflix!


Tuesday 16th August 2022
8:30 pm to 10:00 pm
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