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After having already heard an uplifting weather forecast promising fine weather, six of us met at East Croydon station to travel to the Sandhurst area.
The walk was mainly through parkland following a river with a stop at the Tally Ho pub at Eversley for lunch.

On route to our lunch stop, we passed a rope swing over the river. Although the day was beautiful and sunny, it looked a bit too daunting too try and none of us fancied getting wet if we didn’t manage to stay attached to the swing.Rope swing over a stream
At the Tally Ho, we chose to sit outside in the pleasant garden area as the day had become quite warm. Adjacent to the garden, was a set of swings and a small tractor. Having prudently decided not to try the previous swing, some of us felt obliged to have a go on these swings. No one can resist a tractor, so this had to be tried out as well.

After lunch, we had a leisurely walk be to the station via a different route.

Many thanks to Yvonne for organizing such a beautiful walk.

William C.