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This walk, which Margaret organized, did not require an early start which was just as well for those who got back late from the Barn Dance at Godalming! We met at East Croydon at 11.08am to pick up a 466 bus to Caterham on the Hill. I was early (surprise, surprise!), but Barry and Tracey had already arrived, followed by Steve, Olga, Gareth (new member), Valerie, Laura (new member) , Rob, Andrew, Paul D, Karen, Ross and, of course, Margaret. At Westway, where the bus terminated, we took a mixture of side streets and footpaths. At no time did it actually stop raining, but at least it was only light rain, and therefore did not dampen our spirits. On the outskirts of Bletchingley, we arrived at our pub, William 4th, for our meal, which Margaret had booked in advance for us. The food was good there. Although the rain had stopped, we encountered quite muddy bits with plenty of water, then used cycle route 21 for the last few miles into Redhill. There we separated, some of us to catch the 405 bus home. It was great to see so many people turn up, undaunted by the dismal weather.

William C