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A Lovely Sunny “Saunter”.

Although the weather gave us a cool start to the day, it also matched its forecast by blessing us with a really bright autumn day, as the hours progressed. A twenty-five mile route took participants around some very pleasant local countryside and some spots offered good views to enjoy. With checkpoint challenges to conquer, map clues and en-route, observational quiz sheets to complete, minds were exercised, as well as legs. With great thankfulness on my part, all bikes and their riders returned safely to the Warlingham hall, where cakes awaited.

Many thanks go to Olga, Mei and Sue for their time and efforts marshalling and running the refreshments. Very special thanks go to Sandra and to Bob, without whose help on the day, and considerably in advance of it, the event would not have proved possible to organize. Paul D’s behind the scenes help was appreciated, as well.

1st Place went to “The Rich Nickwaks”, an “Associate” & “Past” blend, with 100.2 points (out of a possible 120).

2nd Place in very hot pursuit, went to “We’ve Been Framed”, comprising Full Members Andrew T, Paul D and Chris T, with 99.5 points.

Of course, well done, indeed, to all who took part. Some teams excelled in different areas of the day and some made grand efforts to catch up on time. It was pleasing to learn all had a good time!