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Our meeting point was Sanderstead railway station at 9.30am. Richard, who was organizing this ride, had aspirations of possibly cycling as far as Uckfield or even Seaford. However, it was really a matter of ’playing it by ear’.
After reaching the end of the built-up area, we used a shared track alongside Limpsfield Road, before reaching the top of the hill, we dismounted and wondered into a field to get a good view looking towards London. Back onto our bikes, we continued along the high-level ridge to Botley, taking left fork towards Westerham, crossing Pilgrims Way and passing Cacketts Lane services for the M25.
We were supposed to be meeting Tim at around 11 o’clock in Limpsfield Chart, but with our leisurely progress including stops, it became 12 o’clock. However, that was perfect time for the nearby pub which had just opened, although so we were able to enjoy our coffee/beer or whatever there, supposedly for a swift half. Never mind, our schedule wasn’t tight. We didn’t have to mingle with traffic for most of this ride and having
left the pub, we shortly turned right off the B-road to negotiate a sharp descent on a rather poorly maintained tarmac road where Valerie’s rear light fell off and disintegrated after previously almost parting company with the front mudguard some while back. Still, at least it was June, so minimizing the chance of needing lights. The day was predominantly sunny although not too hot — good for cycling. The next place on Richard’s agenda was Lingfield. On the outskirts, after seeing a sign advertising an interesting refreshment spot, he firstly cased the joint on our behalf, then we all made our way to a very attractive bar in a hotel then sat
outside overlooking the racecourse. After that, it was decision time — where next? The general plan of continuing to Hartfield met our approval, although with the railway station nearby, Valerie and Len decided to get the train back to Croydon from there. The rest of us continued to Hartfield, Winnie the Pooh country. There we stopped at a delightful café there. After that, in contrast to the rather hilly ride, we took the east and level former railway route, the Forest Way to Eridge.
Faced with otherwise quite a long wait for the next train there, we visited a pub nearby (we did really
well for refreshment stops that day!), before catching the train home.
Many thanks to Richard for organizing a most enjoyable day out.
William C