The weather forecast was dry and overcast warming to a degree above average. On the day there were short spells of a fine rain and an occassional glimpse of blue sky. With higher than average autumn rainfall field ditches were overflowing and mud was expected.

Gatliffteers progress was hindered by waterlogged fields and many muddy sections - the usual pinch points and gates, and unusually stretches on normally solid ground. Picking direct lines or ones of least resistance generally had the same result - caked footwear and lower legs with enough of the stuff to slow the pace.

There were 342 entries with the 249 starters split over two routes.

It was the first year of a choice between a 25km or 50km route. Both headed South across farmland to Dry Hill, then across the Kent Water Valley near Holtye where the 50km extended to Ashdown Forest before re-joining the 25km to Edenbridge via Cowden and Marsh Green.

This year there were three special certificates awarded. Andrew Boulden and David Whitehead were each awarded for thirty completions, and Colin Stark for ten completions.

Scott Vlatowski was the only entrant with a Personal Best time. Looking at the Gatistics, this was a difficult Gatliff route and conditions; of 36 this year was ranked 18th* by average finishing times, or the 7th** by percentage finishing in 10 hours or less.

Congratulations to the front runners of each event:

25km Ella Waddington 3:03 Christopher Davis 2:42
50km Lisa-Joanne Walbridge 6:31 James Whibberley 5:42

For the sixth year running, Lisa-Joanne notched up the fastest women’s 50km time and first time entrant James Whibberley finishing first in the men’s 50km.

We hope you enjoy pondering over the results and various statistics that follow.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and we look forward to seeing you next year for our 37th event!

If you can, it would help us greatly if you pre-enter.


Hall of Fame

YearFastest ManTimeFastest WomanTime
1984Martyn Greaves6:02Pauline Shore6:50
1985Martyn Greaves5:15Sue Boyman8:25
1986Martyn Greaves
Nigel Robinson
5:21Debbie Cooper8:29
1987Martyn Greaves4:59Wendy Spear7:11
1988Keith Rolfe
Steve Fawcett
5:29Debbie Cooper8:30
1989Dave Wakeling
Barrie Prince
4:57Wendy Spear6:44
1990Dave Wakeling4:47Debbie Cooper5:40
1991Dave Wakeling
Chris Boakes
Peter Tremain
4:35Janet Crockford6:41
1992Dave Wakeling
Chris Boakes
5:03Sandra Brown6:14
1993Dave Wakeling
Chris Boakes
4:55Julie Stoddart
Eileen Buckley
1994Brian Cammell
Graham Tucker
5:36Julie Stoddart7:48
1995Dave Wakeling4:43Clare Mathews5:27
1996Dave Wakeling4:43Sue Ashley6:23
1997Dave Wakeling5:20Shirley Hume6:39
1998Dave Wakeling5:13Shirley Hume7:24
1999Dave Wakeling5:30Shirley Hume6:55
2000Dave Wakeling5:28Lindsay Turner7:39
2001Dave Wakeling5:54Shirley Hume7:29
2002Dave Wakeling5:34Alexandra Langridge7:04
2003Dave Wakeling5:19Jackie Smith7:02
2004Dave Wakeling5:23Summer Govan6:26
2005Dave Wakeling5:19Sue Ashley6:41
2006Dave Wakeling5:45Jo Kilkenny8:23
2007Fabrice Leistner4:44Annabelle Stearns6:04
2008Dave Wakeling5:46Zoe Thornton6:20
2009Gary Vallance5:21Lisa Joanne Barry6:02
2010Mark Braley4:54Priscilla Brunnine6:25
2011Dave Wakeling5:16Janet Cobby7:07
2012Keith MacIntosh6:02Lisa-Joanne Walbridge7:16
2013Keith MacIntosh4:32Edwina Sutton6:13
2014David Wakeling5:42Lisa-Joanne Walbridge6:38
2015Keith MacIntosh5:11Lisa-Joanne Walbridge6:28
2016David Wakeling5:25Lisa-Joanne Walbridge5:58
2017Keith Macintosh5:21Lisa-Joanne Walbridge6:33
2018Nicolas Woodman5:21Lisa-Joanne Walbridge6:20
2019James Whibberley5:42Lisa-Joanne Walbridge6:31
2021James Whibberley5:26Tara Williams6:43
2022Peter Mack5:35Megan Lennox7.04
2023Luke Green5:05Carrie Gaston6:35